Breva750 squint exhaust

My 2011 Breva 750’s right hand can is too close to the bike. The can to down pipe gasket is bust because of this and it causes the whole thing to rattle when cold. I’ve loosened the right side exhaust off…up to the cylinder. I can’t align the thing, and don’t want to put in the new gasket until I can. There is no sign of any damage. Any of you good folk know where to start fixing this, I don’t want to replace stuff that isn’t bent? The can bracket is pretty heavy duty and doesn’t look bent.

Hopefully a(nother) Breva 750 owner can chime in, but it might just be helpful to know that Moto Guzzi exhaust downpipes are ‘handed’ - the position of the pots isn’t symmetrical when viewed from above. I don’t know that this is is causing the problem you describe, but if all else fails, it might be something to consider. (caveat: I am speaking from a position of having owned some round-barrel Tontis - I’ve never owned a Breva).

I know there was a problem with the earlier machines, and dealers had to re drill the mounting brackets
can you submit a picture with measurements,
I could always take pictures with measurements on my machine to assist you

As both conrods are attached to same crankpin, cylinders in Guzzis are off-set, with the one on the off-side positioned a bit forward. Mandello guys like to sleep on assembly line, but those at drawing desks like it too - due to above fact, off-side downpipe, made of exactly same length of tube, gets into end can - “just”. Such a short contact ends up as you describe. I’d say, weld an inch long ring of tube to the end of r/h downpipe, it won’t be visible anyway. And it will solve your problem even if rusty.

Thanks guys for responding. I’ll send a couple of pics tonight…might not be any good…need to move the bike for a proper pic. Any road up, have a look…right hand can is way closer and a bit to the left of the shock.

image0 (10)

Left side
image1 (4)

Thanks…interesting, will have a look.

here are some pics of my machine
does this help

Thanks Rapheal,

It looks like the right can is nearer the shock than the left…that’s normal…I thought that was part of the problem. I’ve attached a pic of my bracket…definitely

stressed and offset, any chance you can send a pic of your r/h mounting bracket?

sure will
worth checking the connection to the cross over/balance box between the exhaust pipes, in case that has been misaligned or damaged

Thanks again. Yes, I loosened off the r/h downpipe and the balance pipe last Summer, but couldn’t get it sorted. I’ll loosen off both sides and see what’s going on when the weather warms up a bit. Thanks for all your help, I’ll post back when I get her all sorted…might be of help for other folk in future.:+1:

its a bit awkward to photograph due to the pannier frames getting in the way
hopefully is just a bent bracket in your case or some adjustment needed
I know the left hand silencer and clamp need to be re fitted carefully after a tyre change, otherwise the sidestand clouts the silencer

Yes, I’ll have a good fiddle about with both sides, see if I can align the thing. The bracket looks ok but it’s only a tenner for a new one. Thanks again.