Bridge Boys

Recently came across an old photo of Chelsea bridge boys back in the 60’s. Didn’t get my licence till 71, but had older cousins who "Did the bridge " . Coming from Rotherhithe S.E London, their regular ride out was the A20 out to Johnson’s cafe.
Anyone got memories or photos of that time ?

Just noticed l posted the same thing twice . I really am a buffoon
Any help on putting the original photo here would be appreciated

consider it done :smiley:

Thank you sir

I have a sudden urge to go watch Leather Boys

I used to visit Snottys on the bridge, I gather its now in a museum, as I should be

Great picture.
Did everyone have a similar spot? I was part of the next wave and we had inherited some of the ‘caffs’ and meeting points.
BTW I think we’ve all “buffooned” a time or two on here!