So, finally got fed up with sloppy gear changes and wobbly brake pedal and ordered two new bushes this past week. Getting the old ones out is bit of a pain isn’t it?! Managed to knock one out with a drift (well, fold it in half till it snapped out) the other wasn’t for budging though so filed through it until I could get it to move.

However, it’s like riding a new bike now so definitely was worth the swearing!

Are there any special tools available to get them out or is it just a case of doing what I did?

I usually put them in a hydrolic press and i have a stepped down tool for pressing them out and the same tool to push the new ones back in

can you confirm if yuors were 12mm or 13mm od

Ex smokingbiker2013-04-21 15:22:25

i had to do same - hammer, cut and bash

Without taking them back out I can’t say what size they were. I used a bench vice to push the new ones back in which was very easy once they got started. Perhaps I could fabricate something up to push the old ones out next time, hmm.

got the bushes which fit the spigot on the rail perfick but the holes in the pedals are worn and so are larger (and probably ovoid) than the od of the new bushes so continued slop for me - until i can get the pedals sorted

could be a easy cure the bushes come in either 10mm bore x 12 mm od or 13mm od and it seems to be random what fits what bike

i had a look at some the other day so ordered 10 off at 12 mm od the first one i came to do was Kens and it was 13mm od

the logic of Guzzi

Well it’s Guzzi innit, ran out of one lot so used the next ones they had at the time. There are So many anomolies with these bikes that there IS NO definitive answer to anything. Just when you have one thing TOTALLY sorted and figured out, ABSOLUTELY the right thing,the very next bike you see,same year same model …

“What!..that’s not right it is a ???***@@@!!! on MINE”

It is how they are I guess, not ALL the same NOT ALL alike NOT all predictable and BOOOOORING …

ok fair point - will try the bigger od ones