Busy day in the garage today.

Been busy today.

Tried out my new front head lift stand which works really well. first job was to put my new V-Trec adjustable levers on. Very pleased with them.

Then the awkward job, fitting the Hepco and Becker centre stand (hence the front head lift to steady the bike and hold it upright).

Bit of a long fiddly job but took my time with it and all went well until it came to putting the spring on! Even with the proper tool it took a fair bit of strength and several goes before I finally got it hooked on (I’m not as young as I used to be, particularly when in a crouched position kneeling on the garage floor!). I was concerned about the stand stop as I read that you need a special bracket when fitting with the Mistral short silencers. I think this must only apply to the OEM Guzzi cente stand though as the H&B has an adjustable stop on the new stand frame itself and there’s plenty of clearance. The original side stand actually fits lower than the new centre stand so no issues about ground clearance. Happy to share info about fitting as I took a few photos during the process.


Very good – which model is this exactly?

The bike is a 2018 V7iii Stone. Have only had it about six weeks.
Just starting to make it my own (and riding it of course).

Thanks. Thought it should look familiar by the yellow tank, but just to confirm. :grin: