Buying parts Online

Just thought I would post a warning. Whilst looking for presents for my other mistress - A Laverda, I’ve seen a significant number of fake adverts for parts for sale - particularly on Facebook forums. Pictures of desirable parts with a request to PM for prices. They don’t exist and the intent is to con you into paying for goods you will never see. - Things to watch for - Often the descriptions are a bit vague. Also the seller is new to the site and his/her facebook profile is odd and/or shallow. I bought some parts from a guy recently then saw all his part pictures reappear on another laverda parts site - under another name!! Beware folks - Its a Jungle out there


It’s a sadly familiar occurrence. EBay and Guntree are equally afflicted. Classic shows are no longer a place to find experienced and knowledgeable sellers. Even brand new spark plugs are sometimes counterfeit.
Fortunately there are reliable sellers. Possibly a little more expensive but worth it in the long run.

Yes, you have to be so vigilant. I’m pretty adept at spotting most fakes but occasionally still get caught out by chancers.

I tend to avoid fb marketplace for this reason unless it’s someone local.