Cali 1100 floating disc spring washers

I need to replace the spring washers on one of my discs, Gutsibits calla the Belleville washers and states you need 10 per disc. My bike has onl eve had 5 on each disc, on the inside.

Question - is it 5 or 10, and if it is ten where do the other ive go ?

avw used them before on a American vibrating pump and that stated 2 each bolt and it showed then back to back so first one goes on the bolt with the small taper against the disc then the second one the other way so it looks like a flyingsaucer then the nut
to be honest I prefer the Nordic loc type (two serated washer togetherwith like teeth in middle)

I have the same model bike as you and mine are also just on the inside (5)

Is the 10 a wheel set ?

Gutsibits state 10 per disc,but i only ver had 5 on evry disc

5 per disc it is,

Gutsibits are wrong, unless they are quoting for a front wheel.