Cali 1100 rack Max weight?

Does anyone know what the maximum load is for one of these racks? I bought a Khyam Freelander but it’s over 10kg…

The Givi rack I used to have stated 15kg max, and the topbox that fitted it had 10kg max. I think this is very conservative though in order to cover themselves. I once weighed my packed topbox with tent strapped to the optional top plate and it was 25kg…I don’t think rack strength is the issue, (I’ve seen big blokes hitch a ride on these racks in a camping field!) it’s more how it affects the handling of the bike.

Agree, I’m able to carry a second million on my rack.

Sweet typo, you rich kid! Thanks for these replies, I shall try it and see how it goes.

I had about 40kg on mine with all the camping stuff.