Cali 1100 suspension settings

OK, so I know 3 parts of nothing about suspension set up and have the bike set at mid everything

However, I’ve just been off to Croft to watch my stepson and his mate on their 1st track day and they both invested £45 on their sports bikes to get the suspension set up professionally

So given that I only have damping and preload front and rear what should I do to get mine “just so”

Riding will be usually be solo, but with the occasional pillion or full pannier trip out


Probably leave it at the factory settings.Most people under normal riding conditions can not tell the difference when things are altered anyway.Not being negative just realistic.

Are you unhappy with the current ride?
Hagon progressive fork springs make for a noticeable improvement.
What rear shocks are you using? It’s easy to improve on the OEM items.

A very good point and I refer you too my 1st sentence

In the main I’m not unhappy but I’m not sure how good it could/should be given the limitations of the equipment the bike is fitted with have

The rear shocks are the original (I assume) Bitubos

Just about anything will improve on OEM.

Suggest you talk to

tris as you saw I have hagon’s on the rear next time we meet up take it for a run see if it feels different !

I also have road rider tyres which are reported on here as being “bloody dangerousness” but I have nothing to compare against so would appreciate your feed back!

Thanks Colin

's funny though.

The suspension always feels a bit hard and while at the Notts and Derby love in last night I had a look see at the suspension and it appears that the rear at least has little or no pre load

I’m beginning to wonder if it needs some pre load dialling in to carry my lardy Ass about

I said suspension was a bit of a black art to me … at the moment. It took me a year to work out how to balance carbs properly but now I can so I’m sure I’ll get there

Anyway, I found THIS which gives me some basic pointers to play with before I go down the new suspension routetris2014-04-29 07:31:57

Plus preload will make it harder still. Really the OEM suspension is cheap. Hagon, anything is better. I have some used NOS konti dial-a-rides which are better than OEM but still not good by modern standards. If this a matter of cash, you can have the konti’s for the price of postage. Otherwise talk to bike revival, hagon, maxton, do yourself a favour, yourbottomwill love it and you will love the bike so much more.

Go to a pub frequented by motorcyclists/bikers. After a few pints, everybody’s a suspension set-up genius.

I hadn’t thought of that
I also found that the dampers are set at 3 from a range of 1 to 5. Would too much damping give a similar feel?

PS you have PM

Yes, to much damping will make the suspension feel hard, you need just enough to prevent the spring from acting like a pogo stick. Try google for “motorcycle suspension setup”

I am no expert but as you’re buying MartDude, mine’s a pint