Cali 1100i 1995 warning lights /reducing

Hello folks.
I am on with reducing the clutter on my Cali ,I have now turned my attention to the dashboard ,. My tacho wasn’t reading right and I really don’t like the huge chromed plastic covers so I will be making a speedo mount with the warning lights off a Jackal ,six on the jackal eight on the cali , so losing a few would help .
A couple of questions , will just disconnecting the hazard switch cause any problems ?
I need the fuel light ,the generator ,oil , neutral lights and main beam ,how do I use just one indicator light ?
Any implications to just insulating the tacho wires ?
Thanks for your ideas

If you mean turn indicator warning light, connect it between left and right indicator lamps.

Hazard switch - depends how it’s connected, not sure about 95 Cali but early versions had a double-pole changeover toggle switch, it actually disconnected the normal indicator flasher function to switch over to hazard mode. So removing the switch also meant no indicators, so need to connect the relevant wires together to get them back.


There is a wiring diagram here
Best of luck :smiley:

Ohh-kay, so looks like unplugging hazard switch won’t affect indicators, but as is often the case, only one way to find out. :smiley:

Thanks chaps .
Looking at the jackal harness ,seems like the single indicator light uses the indicator not in use at the time for an earth via the filament ,is that right ?

Yes the two unused indicator lamps act as an earth return for the dash light.

Thanks Mike.
I can confirm the indicators work without the hazard unit connected :smiley:

Not quite the full story as the warning bulbs are earthed. This direct earth takes precedent to earthing via the opposite bulb where the current would have to pass through the filament of the bulb itself. If you look at Carl Allison’s wiring diagram the warning lights are earthed via a black wire.

Also be aware that the feed to the hazard switch is direct from the battery (green/white wire) and will always be live unless you remove the relevant fuse or remove the supply completely, otherwise you could have a short across your battery not nice as it will melt wires and possibly start fires.

He’s going to do it as per the Jackal - single dash turn signal lamp:

Oh that’s useful then.

That is fine if Lee uses a Jackal wiring loom or is making a new one, if he is just altering the Cali loom there is still the danger of a live feed waving around in the wind. I don’t see changing the loom in any of Lee’s posts, just changing the idiot light binnacle and removing the hazard switch.

Ah well of course I’d assumed some rewiring needs to be involved. :smiley:

Unused ‘lives’ need be insulated or removed.

Chaps . thanks for your concern , I understand all about insulation ,feed and return on d/c and I have the Jackal warning lights and the harness to splice in .

I’m glad to hear that, good luck with the conversion :smiley:

The Jackal indicator warning light works fine when wired between the feeds to both Cali warning lights .


Thats is finished , Fabricated from stainless ,headlight is a off Ducati monster I had , It’s bigger than original and gives an older look to the front end .
Overall quite happy with the appearance . The Cali 3 through to the Jackal are not to my taste , although I like the way the 1100i goes ,compared to the T3 Cali I had some time ago , I liked the look of the t3 much more .

Well done!