Cali 1100i '98

The rear wheel on my cali 1100i has some cracks on the rim at the spoke dimples,they’re not huge.However, always mindful of safety I’m looking for a replacement rim the original is Akront 17" X 3.50 it’s marked 40 which I guess is the number of spokes .I have made some searches online and found Mopar rims, but can’t find one with the correct width 3.50.Anyone out there had to replace a rim of this size ? Any idea which other models this size wheel is used on?
Scrumpy2014-06-27 16:11:37

Try one of these. One of them should be able to help you out. Not used them myself but have been recommended by others on here before.Central Wheels in Birmingham,orHagons, or Black cat Wheels
Don-Spada2014-06-27 22:46:37

Try Guy at gutsibits, a few months back I got a second hand front wheel for the Cali barn find , very helpfull and not Ott price wise .

Thanks for the info…replacement is on it’s way.'ere this forums a handy thing.