Cali 1100i Airbox permanent removal

Hi All,

I would be interested to know if anybody out there has permanently removed the airbox on a 1996 California 1100i?
I have fitted new inlet rubber’s on mine and the airbox now fouls the throttle linkage.I’ve had it all apart again but whatever I seem to do it still seems to catch.The ideal solution would be to take the airbox out and fit cartridge type air filters.Would anybody have any idea of anything suitable?

Many thanks


Look at the Gutsibits website?

Thanks 1150GS. Parts ordered

Probably too late to be useful, but try tilting the complete throttle assembly downwards slightly. Fouling is usually against the oil breather tube from the frame or the hose clip (especially if a worm-drive clip has been used).

Thanks Stoneman.
I’ll have a look at your solution.I’ve managed to minimise the problem by readjusting everything again.
It still catches slightly but not enough to hold the throttle bodies open.
Eventually I will remove the airbox and fit the pod filter’s.