Cali 1100i Clutch noise

I have noticed that lately, following the winter lay up, when i pull the clutch lever in ( particularly from cold ) i get a tinny rattling sound from the gearbox area. It is still there when the bike reaches full temp but is not as noticeable. With the clutch lever released all is perfectly quiet and normal

Now normally, on most engines if a clutch thrust bearing is on its way out, it is usually quiet when under load ie the clutch lever/pedal has been depressed and rattles when it is not under load.

The bike has done 11k and the clutch works normally, transmits drive perfectly and all gears select smoothly and quietly so any idea what the noise is.

Thanks DazDazGuzzi2013-05-06 21:18:10

I’m surprised you haven’t heard it before, most Guzzi clutches emit a tinkling sound when the plates are disengaged.

Hi Brian, please realise that I am a Sagalout so therefore may have heard it before but forgot

I am just checking ( after reassurance )that it does not sound serious as I am off to France at the end of the month.

Cheers Darryl

It is a dry clutch the V11 really rattles , mind I can hardly hear the one on the V1000 ,

My V11 did that but none of my other Guzzi’s.Quite normal.Enjoy France.

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