cali 1100i fuel pump

any one now of a good replacement for the £175 original. I have looked in non oem parts thred but that was inconclusive.
its the external fitted one cali 1100i (98)
cheers mick,

If this is the same type as fitted to the V11 Le mans a round external pump yeah there is a huge choice basically if it fits in the 'ole and the spigots are the same it will work … same with fuel filter by the way.

The fuel pumps on bikes are often not special.

Annies Yam 535 the Yam pump is £185 eye watering second hand they ask £60-£70 …a car one is about £35-£60 BUT kawasaki fit the same carbs on one of their bikes and the pump is new £75 2nd hand under £20

I looked when I was renewing the fuel filter and remember seeing some on e-bay I think Sachs or Bosch ones ones measure the dia of the pump and the dia of the fuel spigots …

Demon Tweeks have them Bosch for around 55-65 quid

IF a fuel pump is special it has the info on the side as to flow rate etc if it is a universal range they do not.

The only difference in univerasl range is either carb or FI carb fuel pumps are lower psi. As far as I can find out any way. The 535 is now on it’s 3rd pump … 12:35:03

Its a Bosch pump you will find the part number on the side if you slide off the mounting bracket BWM cars fitted the same pump to one of there 4 cylinder models a few years ago take it to any decent car accessories shop and tell the your mate has asked you to get a new pump for his BMW or Amazon uk have them at £65.98 part number for the early EV external type is Bosch 0580464048 which is probably the same pump
Regards Keith

I have a '97 Cali EV, I used Andrew Page (Car Parts) in Blackburn for a new pump back in 2009 year, it is a Bosch part. number 0580464070 cost including VAT £82.20p. it is the same as the OME but with a different part number, their Essex branch is in the CM12QX post code area, their phone number is 01245 491150it is a common item so they should have lots in stock. I presume there would have been a price increase since 2009

northwest2014-03-31 21:47:41

thanks for the response every one,i live in Essex so I will give the man a call.
cheers mick"

Glad I spotted this thread after creating my own fuel pump thread! Was quoted £375 for a pump from the local Guzzi dealer. I was completely lost for words!

I bought the Bosch pump on Ebay for £130. It is the OEM part. I didn’t use it so you are welcome to have it for £100.



I got a fuel pump of ebay part number 0580 464070. 2 year unlimited milage warranty £36 and it fits and works

PS that is the external fitted one not the in the tank one,buzz2014-04-02 20:46:48