Cali 1100i problem

Went a good run around borders two weeks back and bick ran great till kelso then started to play up and not wanting to give any beans very hesitant to go but ran until i pulled over and stopped. Switched all off fired her up and run great again for a good few miles. After leaving mr clinks on way hime it started agian nit wanting to guve fuel and loosing power does nit fart or have uneven tick over. Today run to Moffat and conked out but fired up straight away but being stubborn to give full power feels like it wants to stop, and run slow never had this before and my other cali 1100i no problems any ideas anyone ?

Coil breaking down when it gets warm ?
Do you think it’s just affecting one side or both?

we stopped after about 20 miles for a brew so when came back bike was cold it took quite a bit to turn over as it normally fires up on first touch of button . Drove about 6 miles and it wanted to stop but only a small amount of power in it to keep going being very hesitant then taking off again as normal. Could it be water ? Does sit around for number of weeks before use but then it gets filled to brim , my other cali sits even longer and no problems with shite fuel fires up first touch both sit longtime over winter outside but summertime constant use no probrems .

Sounds like an odd one, always more difficult to trace intermittent faults.
How’s the battery? My Spada sat for a couple of months over the winter, took it out a couple of weeks ago and it took a fair bit to get it started after every time I stopped, despite running it for 50 miles. It was running fine once started. I wonder if my AGM battery doesn’t like being left.
I’m not that familiar with these modern fool injection bikes to offer a lot of help. Crank sensors seem to give problems when they get dirty
Water in the fuel?
Unlikely to be a blocked tank vent as that wouldn’t prevent it from starting.
Have a check of the spark, try and determine between fuel or ignition problems. Pop the plugs out, hold them onto the head and turn it over, see if you’re getting two good sparks.

Favourites would be choked fuel filter or muck on the crank sensor.

Cheers all - will clean sensors first as for battery its a 44amp stuck inside the sidecar and fully charged - will do bits one by one to find problem