cali 1100i stuck lower engine mounting bolt.

The lower engine mounting bolt on my Cali refuses to come out. Well and truly stuck. Any suggestions how to get it out???. Cheers. Brian.

Lots of penetrating oil and leave to soak. Use another bolt of the same diameter as a drift after soaking. failing that use heat as the aluminium will expand more than the steel. Finally when it is out replace it with a stainless steel bolt and lubricate well with grease or copperslip.
Good luck!

I had to drill mine out even after soaking , heating etc., was very easy as I did it in bits, taking one bit out at a time.

What I did was, basically make it into short sections. I took the nut off, this allowed the frame to spread a wee bit and allowed me to get a grinder between the frame and engine case on both sides and cut through the bolt, this allowed me to get the 2 bits in the frame out.

I then put my drill at 90 deg to the bolt where you can see it at the front of the engine. I drilled 2 holes, one either side as close to the edge of the “window”, (where you can see the bolt in the case), as possible, starting with a smaller dia drill bit and getting bigger until the bolt was drilled/cut through, then the centre piece will fall out leaving you with 2 bits still in either side of the engine case.

At this point the bit that was stuck in the o/side bit in the engine case luckily slid out, so it looked like the piece that had seized was the bit stuck in the n/side.

With all those bits of bolt removed it only left me a piece of bolt approx. 2" long to drill out in n/s of the engine case, once I started drilling it did indeed start turning and came out fairly easily.
That might seem a bit longwinded but it actually took me less than 15 mins to do, even if you have to drill out the 2 bits that are in the ‘covered’ section of the engine case because you have cut the bolt into sections these pieces are only 2" long and shouldn’t take too long, they will probably loosen with the heat from the drill and hopefully ease themselves out.

I replaced it, as Chris has suggested, with a stainless piece, it makes life a bit easier.

Many thanks guys. Looks like I will have to drill it out. Many thanks for the full explanation of how to do it, sounds a lot easier than I feared. Will get the grinder out. Much obliged. Brian.

You may as well try a socket and very very long extension bar on it. (I am thinking scaffold pole) to try and get it moving before taking the drill to it. or if you can get it to a garage, one of those rattle guns can be pretty amazing at loosening things off.Heat can do wonders for freeing things off that seem impossibly stuck.

Hacksaw may be more controllable, we have done a few in the past…then grease the new one and turn it every now and then…

Does depend how quickly you need to get it moving.
If you have time and patience it will succumb working on the alloy area where the bolt passes through.
1: Heat; blowtorch rather than hair dryer. And then while it’s warm
2: Spray with a 50/50 mix of ATF and nail varnish remover
and then
3: Socket on the bolt head with a solid bar and tap it back and forth a few times and then repeat.

Personally I wouldn’t bother WD40 and similar products for this job. Diesel is a pretty good alternative.

I’ll state the obvious before some pedant turns up BE CAREFUL APPLYING HEAT TO A BOLT SOAKED IN DIESEL,ATF&ACETONE

Best of luck

Its out at last!!!. The front cover had to come off and the bits of bolt that had welded themselves into the cover machined out. Bit of a bugger really. It will certainly ensure that I check it and regrease it on a regular basis.
Thanks all for your advice.