cali' 111 brake pads

Decided to change the front right pads today, I had the new pads in the garage. The old pads weren’t near the wear slots, but, as I don’t know how old they are, I thought I’d change them. I took the pads out of my FJ1200, they were within the wear limits… the brake pad material fell off of the metal!!! Mate who sold it to me told they were hardly used, but, had sat on the bike for a few years with no use.Quickest pad change ever on a bike, got to love old technology, little rubber boots on the pistons, class No cack on the pistons like I get on my other bikes. Every other job on the Guzzi that I’ve done has had certain “challenges”

Yep mind I ONCE did a brake change and whacked the caliper pin only for it to bend…oooohhhh THAT made me cuss it. sorted the thing but NEVER ever had it happen before or since.

I DO put stainless ones in and DO use copperslip.

Copperslipped the ones that were already in there.I did spend some time wondering where the retaining clips were, before I got the pin punches and hammer out.1150GS2014-02-09 20:00:27

I had a brand new Chevrolet Matiz and the friction material broke away from the back plates on two of the four pads before 20,000 miles. The dealer tried to tell me it was fair wear and tear but fortunately Chevrolet agreed with me that it was a manufacturing fault.

On my Guzzi I’m using Goldfren sintered pads front and rear.

aha good old Daewoo quality control

Guzzi pads FERODO …Brembo ones are truly awful and will break away well before their use by time. I found this one out the hard way …NEVER had Ferodo ones fail EVER

Goldfren pads here as well.

Daewoo??? How dare you???

It definitely said Chevrolet on the badge :slight_smile: and it needed 4 alternators, 2 EGR valves, a sump and a filler cap lock in 5 years.
Fortunately that’s how long the warranty lasts.