Cali 2 V1000 push rods

Now I’m aware I could be setting myself up for a Muppetry Award her, but I could do with a steer regarding push rods and tappets on my '82 Cali 2. I took the r/h head off recently to fit a Helicoil thread in the spark plug hole, which was completed satisfactorily. However, when I have come to re-install the rocker shaft for the inlet and exhaust tappets, I was unable to do so because it seemed that the push-rods were sitting too high. The piston was at TDC and the flywheel marker showed that it was on the correct stroke for the RH cylinder. Is there something that I am missing here? Is there a particular technique for re-installing the pushrods which I am not following? Or is there something else I’m messing up? Any suggestions gratefully received…

Are you sure the pus rod is engaging correctly at the bottom end?
Try rotating the engine 360 degrees. Although the marker states it is at TDC, it could be on the intermediate stroke. Alternatively slacken the tappet adjustors right off so you can refit the rocker assembly and then tighten them up to adjust after.

Yes could be TDC between exhaust closing and inlet opening, not TDC of compression stroke.