Cali' 3 breathing system

Hmm, I just took the tank off to see what the paintwork is like on it’s underside, looks very clean.Christ! How many breather pipes does this bike have? I can’t quite get my head around why there is a breather pipe downstream of the carbs!1) These link up, then where do they go after they disappear behind the L/H SIDE Huge engine breather goes into the frame, two smaller ones enter the frame on the tube that joins the main two top frame tubes. The highest breather goes back to the airbox, then another leaves the airbox and vents under the bike.The forward most breather pipe that goes to the airbox is split at the frame, so I need to replace that. Looked at the part on Guttsibits, cheap enough at £11.00 plus P&P… Pt. No.FUA280502) I bet it’s a pig to fit under the airbox?What’s the best access route to changing the air filter? Looks tedious to me!

1150GS2013-02-01 16:07:46

Is that not a vacuum advance pipe(s) for the Digiplex ignition - not a breather?

Huge engine breather goes into the frame, two smaller ones enter the frame on the tube that joins the main two top frame tubes.

The two smaller ones are not breathers. They are the return routes for the condensed oil to go back into the the lubrication system via the heads. Worthwhile giving them and the frame spigots a blow through every once in a while.

The highest breather goes back to the airbox, then another leaves the airbox and vents under the bike.

From frame to airbox vents any pressure and oil vapour that hasn’t already condensed in the large frame tube. Most is then cycled through the induction and the drain tube from the airbox is just that.It’s a system that is relatively simple and works well. All the various iterations of the Guzzi big block breather system are fully described and illustrated in Guzziology.

Breather out from the engine is via a ball valve above clutch housing. Large pipe goes into main frame tube near the top. smaller tube goes from top of frame tube to airbox. Two smaller pipes go from frame cross tube to each rocker cover. These are the oil return to the engine. The large frame tube acts as an oil seperator.QED.

thank you chaps. I managed to remove the front breather pipe, cut off the split / perished bit. I then rerouted it slightly and it is now secureWould I be correct in assuming that to replace the air filter, one of the carbs has to be removed, or revolved a bit out of the way?

The standard air filter is a total git to sort However the improved breather system fitted to your bike IS one of the best on a Guzzi.

The awful standard air filter is one reason why so many go the Le Mans breather and K&N type filters on the older bikes.

OK So what is the Le Mans breather then? I assume the K & N’s are single filters attached to the ends of the carbs?

Remove the RH carb, leave it dangling on the cables, and the air cleaner element is relatively easy to get at.

thanks Brian.

Probably even easier if you remove both carbs, there is a bolt on each side of the air cleaner.

Not required on your bike with the frame acting as the breather ‘box’. The LeMans breather box was a better functioning alternative for lesser earlier bikes prone to spewing oil at high(ish) revs.Yes, the K&N ‘pod’ filters on the carb intakes would remove the O/E airbox hassle.You really would benefit from a copy of Guzziology because all of this stuff and much, much more is in there.

Bit scary though, parting with over £70 for a copy. Apart from removing the hassle of changing the standard filter, do the K & N’s make any noticeable difference? Aren’t they prone to suffering when it rains?On the UKGSer’s site, there is a Guzzi section, so I’m getting info. from various places, this was said."While you’re in there sorting the breather tube, take out and
clean/replace the valve on the top of the motor. They get bunged up and
corrode easily.
A big issue on the Cali III and 1100i is that a combination of maybe not
the best oil, slow running and stop/starts in cold weather can result
in tons of mayo in there.
I’ve seen more than a few where you’d swear the rocker boxes had been filled with mayo and then pressed onto the motor.
"Can’t say I’ve noticed this valve, Is it where the large engine breather connects to?

1150GS2013-02-03 09:57:43

Yes it is in the large hose comming from the crankshaft well worth replacing periodically looks like a steel “top hat” with ball bearing inside, I have only had 2 in 250,000 miles tho, but the org one was well knackered as Guzzi improved the design as it went along.

I have had K&N’s on my V1000 for many yrs no problems at all

thanks again.

1150GS2013-02-04 19:40:08

The blanking flange for the distributor can just be seen in the lower L/H corner of the photo. The back of the R/h cylinderis above it in the photo.

I have a Guzziology and it is very very usefull IF I actually remember to consult it in the first place which sometimes I don’t…dohhhh but it is huge and largely redundant if you only have ONE Guzzi as it covers tech tips for just about every Guzzi available.

I have let other Branch Members borrow mine BUT after I forgot who I lent it to one time, luckily I got it back…phew I tend to ask for a deposit refundable upon return, kinda focuses folk… Cos I am hopeless when it comes to remembering who I lent what to…

I’m of the opinion that anyone who can afford both the cost of owning and running a Guzzi, plus the hours of time needed to keep it on the road, can easily justify the cost/usefulness of Guzziology.
£70 is the cost of one tankful of juice for the average car, or a good night out for two. Keep it in perspective, it’s chickenfeed…

Air filter replaced Not the easiest air filter I’ve ever changedBreather “mechanism” checked and OK.Old filter didn’t look too bad either Still job done and it’s peace of mind.

I bought a copy of Guzziology about 15 years ago. I have looked at it maybe 10 times since, perhaps less. Of course it is now almost useless as the Norge is not included, so I would have to pay another £70 for a new copy, most of which I would never need to look at.All the information you need is on some forum for free.