Cali' 3 fork adjustments

Just ordered a spanner from ebay (Cheaper than Halfords) so that I can adjust the forks. I weigh about 200 pound, anyone got any suggestions as a starting point?Calling Chen Toro & Eddie Cox.

Well, not eating between meals is a start…


Start with the adjustments in the centre of their range then, when you get the feel of it, try each extreme to see the effect it has and decide where you want to be.

My experience on the Spada III (same forks) is that the spring preload needs to be quite high, unless you have non standard springs. The damper adjustment does not want to be too high, otherwise it fels like a pile driver, even on motorways.

Thank you, once the spanner’s arrived, I will play.

The spanner’s arrived. If I wind the nut clockwise it comes to a halt, turning it the other way, I don’t seem to come to an end of rotation. How may turns are there?The bike’s tucked away in the garage, so access is a bit restricted at the mo’.

1150GS2013-01-07 18:57:00

Never done it BUT take a gander at the thread " All the manuals you will ever need" and download a manual most of this info is in there …except when it ain’t

That way if you look it up, read it and digest it you should then remember it. The difficult thing about asking for advice online is the respondents cannot SEE the bike so , especially with Guzzi chopping and changing parts, then different owners adding their mark you can now and again get advice that sends you off track.

A good example is the recent MOT disaster …no 'lektrikery BUT noted he had played with L/H switchgear SOOOO before the usual earth/wiring/fuse yadda yadda look at the 15 way plug to headlamp and sure enough it was hanging off… easy fix…

I’ve downloaded the cal’ 3 specific manual, it just states, turn clockwise or anti clockwise. Just nice to know.

OK. The fork preload adjustment range is 6 complete turns.I have set this for the middle, also set the damping to midway.The rear Konis were set on their hardest. Not having a C spanner with the bike, I rummaged through my tools. Nothing really suitable. Then I looked at the C spanner that was in my Yamaha toolkit (I’ts rear shock cannot be adjusted, seized up, well the preload has.) 5 minutes filing and it fits. Now changed to the middle setting.Pissing down with rain, so I’m not going to take it out now

1150GS2013-01-12 11:20:01