Cali' 3, heavy throttle action

The throttle action is heavy compared to my other bikes, it has the 36mm carbs. I noticed the other day when I opened up the switchgear to spray some ACF50 into them, that the throttle assy looks as if it was designed to be a push pull cable system, but, only the pull is used.Is there any modification to lighten the throttle action?

It is possible to fit lighter return springs to the carbs they come in 3 strengths , i fitted the lightest possible to the Spada and it made a vast differande

have a look

sort yours out and find the springs

Ex smokingbiker2013-01-05 20:54:47

For some completely unknown reason, Guzzi fit the heaviest speings. As Ray says, get the lightest ones.

Thank you, am I correct in thinking that it’s item 28 that is the throttle return spring? So there are 5 different spring ratings!If I were to strip the carb down to measure the existing springs, are there any pitfalls that I should be wary of?OK there are two springs rated @ 0.7KG, but they’re different lengths:
p/n 9806 0.7kg / 35mm
p/n 8550 0.7kg / 70mmAt least I assume the 35mm & 70mm is referring to the length?
1150GS2013-01-05 21:55:54

Venhill cables help as does routing them so that they crossover the frame before connecting to the carbs. Sounds counterintuitive but works - especially on the bikes with the big carbs. If you think your throttle is heavy you want to try an LM1000 that’s not had the modification done!

In your previous posting re modifications I mentioned that I had shortened my throttle springs to lighten the action. This was needed even with the lightest spring fitted.

ive just been out on my 1100 sport them cramp busters that guzzibear mentioned really do help give your hand a rest.

Start here and go down to item 28, where it says the lightest spring is -

  1. 		Internal slide spring - Weak 		  								Part No - 8550

Springs arrived today. Carb top removed, one spring removed. Bugger, not as easy to put back as remove.I was hoping they could be swapped without having to remove anything else.What do I do

All you need is your third hand to hold the slide. Seriously, it is a fiddle, especially compressing the spring to get the cable back in the slide, but you shouldn’t need to remove anything.Did you slacken the inlet manifold jubilee clips so that you can swing the carb top out?

I’ve done one side, I compressed the spring with two cable ties, fiddly as a fiddly thing, but done. I’ll do the other side another day, as I would have to move another bike and a car to be able to access the R/H side.After doing this, the throttles had bloody well better closegtmdriver has fitted them and shortened the springs, so I should be safe.I’ll slacken the jubilee clips on the other side, should make it easier. Thanks for the advice.

1150GS2013-01-09 19:42:26

Check the cable routing - cross each side over from the opposite side of the frame and it makes a better radius = less drag on the cable.Someone on here (Don?) has a pic showing the best way to do it.

Second spring fitted, took me about five minutes this timeThe Cali’ does have the 90° ellbows on top of the carbs.Then I waxoyled the underside of the footboards and the main stand.As my garage is semi integral to the house, part of it sits beneath the bathroom. I may get some comments along the line of “What’s that funny smell in the bathroom?”

1150GS2013-01-10 20:16:19

I find that 3in1 oil down the cables also really make them slippy and it does not seem to bother the inners atall…routing is also paramount. Many also complain of heavy clutch…route it and make sure all is set up as per Guzzi manual ESPECIALLY the clutch arm and lube cable it is a 2 finger jobbie then.

It also helps with gearchanges as does having some free play in the gearchange heel toe with the toe end a wee bit lower than the heel My V1000 goes into 1st so quiet I have to prod it a couple of times as I can’t believe it is in.

I never left feedback on the spring replacement. Vast improvement, also helped by changing the original hard plastic slippery grips, which requied a tight grip.

I never left feedback on the spring replacement. Vast improvement, also helped by changing the original hard plastic slippery grips, which requied a tight grip.

Yes same here, instead I try to get nice ‘rubbery’ grips, BUT not too fat, usually from the shop over the road. Thicker or foam ones I find are worse, strangely. You’d think they’d give you more ‘leverage’, but no. Not for me anyway. I even replaced the Bee-Em’s ones for which the OEM type has a slightly cushioned middle section, BUT still too plasticky and slippery. I once resorted to wrapping it in thick elastic bands to get some more traction! Also look at cramp busters for long journeys. Now have one although not tried it yet. Strangely enough I often found there is some sort of weird psychological thing going on, by having to grip the throttle side so tight I find I’m also doing the exact same thing to the clutch side, so both hands end up aching!

On my cal3, when I had it, I fitted a Tomaselli (sp) fast action throttle and made up my own cables from a Venhill kit. Vast improvement. Had to change the switch gear though. Used a Domino one which plugged right in with no modification.

Invest in a cable oiler and use regularly. Brilliant piece of kit. Not suitable for those nylon lined jobbies though.