Cali' 3 just taxed

Taxed it on the evening of June the first, bike not started since autumn last year.I ran the carbs dry, and added some Isoprpanol. A while ago, I topped up the tank with super unleaded.
That moment of trepidation, fuel tap on, let the barbs fill, hit the starter. It fired instantly, well chuffed. I had a Yamaha xj900, that needed churning over after just a month without use. :smiley:

Yes. I always check the things will actually run before forking out for VED.

My Spada sat for a couple of years waiting its turn for a few jobs which finally got done recently. That started straight up after a good charge of the battery. No fancy preparation for storage. I do think some companies try and flog us snake oil that Iā€™m not convinced is really needed.

Sorry I forgot no politics, whoops :unamused: