cali' 3 lights problem.

Rode to the Romsey bike meet. Got back to the bike, started it up:Switched the lights on, main beam indicator light was on, yet the switch was on low? Got off the bike and looked, no headlight or front side light?Got home and put the bike into the garage. When the lights are turned on, the speedo & rev counter illuminate correctly, as does the rear light, brake switches work foot and hand.Put the hazard lights on, & the main beam, neutral & oil pressure glow dimly, turn the ignition on and the oil pressure & main beam go out completely, and the neutral light works correctly.Help

Please don’r be as vague and tell me it’s an earthing problem!

Not sure if the 3 has the same 12/15 way plugs to the headlamp as older bikes but that would be my first port of acll wriggle and fiddle with them. if not then seems like a short in the switch or headlamp elektrikery.

I would follow the cables and wriggle and see if something gives or not. before pulling the headlamp off.

Do you have the old (original) torpedo types fuses? If head light jiggling fails then try taking out fuses & cleaning the contacts.


It does sound like an earthing problem and it’s difficult to be specific as there are a number of connectors involved in the headlamp earthing connection. The only way to be sure is to systematically work your way through them all.
gtmdriver2012-12-26 19:19:09

Check the easy (and cheap) things first, rain water in the left hand handlebar switch could be part of the fault, a good spray of a switch cleaner like Servisol Super 10 might help, (available on the innernet or try places like Maplins) or if you dont have time to pick up a can, try WD40
northwest2012-12-26 20:13:41

4 pin plug to headlight. My logic says it is this, as neither the main, dip or side are working, that the earth from here must be at fault. Ah so naieve aren’t IIf it was the power supply, then I wouldn’t be having faint glows from the other dash bulbs. (I think!)

1150GS2012-12-27 09:01:47

Usual causesEarth fault (power choosing path of least resistance to earth). Start from the frame to battery and then go componenet to component,Ignition switch dirty/corroded etc and causing either/both short circuit and open circuit (as above), give a blast with contact cleanerFuses block and others as mentioned above. Reomove, clean and check rating of the fuses.Best of luckSteve

This amp weather will find its way into just about all elektrikery connectors and put some corrosion in there, a very good close look at all the connectors, giving each one and the fuses a jiggle may clear it IF it does then there is a loose/bad connection…

Sorted I went for what I thought was the obvious, and it was! I pulled the earth connector from the back of the headlamp, refitted. All is now well! I’m amazed, nothing is usually that straightforward for me.Whilst there, rear seat was removed, waxoyled bits and pieces, yet more ACF50Undone the gear linkage, gear lever now a fair bit lower at the front than it was Circlip fell to bits though, temporarily held together with cable tieslifted the screen about 30mm.I think I can hear a bottle of port calling my name.Indicator lenses all off, ACF50 on connectors

Spot on and enjoy the well earned portHave funSteve