cali' 3 plastic covers by the footboards

Hi, These are the covers that surround the brake pedal & gear lever parts, they have a few cracks in them. what’s the best way
to repair them? The left side is covered in tape, so not even sure
what’s under it. I had thought of trying one of the super glues that’s
suitable for plastic, or maybe using fibreglass on the underside?

Look on ebay. They are often on there and complete. Probably easier. To repair yours properly call in at a bodyshop and have them plastic welded from underneath. I would just repalce them Darryl

Get the upgrade which are chrome steel, BUT the plastic is not easy to repair There are plastic welding kits but whatever you do it will not be easy to cover it. I retro fitted plastic ones to the V1000 to prove they could be fitted THEN bought a pair of chrome ones 2nd hand off e-bay they fit straight on. …Therefore they are available new, 2nd hand from breakers or e-bay.

Anyone know if the ones on mine are the same as on the later 1100’s?make it easier to find second hand parts then.

bud the footboards are the same right from 1976 HOWEVER the fittings for the covers were not all in place on the 70’s bikes but they can still bee fitted.

Happily Guzzi do not change the bits and pieces too often so you will find the chrome ones the same shape and same fitments …as I said I had retro fitted the plastic ones to see if I could and later got the chromed ones from a cali EV

If the plastic is ABS and just cracked, a repair is easy. Go to a model shop and buy a small bottle of Plastic Weld. Put a drop of this along the back of the crack while holding it together, and you get an invisible weld which is as strong as the original. You can also buy small sheets of ABS at model shops, and use bits to reinforce the back,making it stronger than it originally was.

Now it’s an Airfix kit

Save yourself all the bother i always bin the plastic covers and the plastic chrome the bike looks a lot better without them , the bikes lighter also all the best derek ps i still have mine if you want them . del.hel.smith2012-11-07 15:34:22

To be honest I made myself a new set in GRP. I bought some hammer finish alloy and bent it to form the mould then trimmed the covers to size afterwards. This is the O/S one that I made. It’s a bit simpler than the original.

WowI like it.

You can see how I just made a single straight fold in the alloy sheet then moulded the covers oversized so that it could be trimmed down to the right shape. It is in self coloured black GRP.
gtmdriver2012-11-08 07:24:15