Cali 3 woes

Seems i am a magnet for bad bikes. I am lucky enough to own 4 old shechters and have only found faults with 3 of them. Anyhoo my cali 3 wont run unless its spark plug sooting rich with the pilot fuel jet 3.5 turns out. I have done all the carb and timing list to go through and all checks out. I have an orange spark which is weak according to google and i have the lucas rita ignition. Also compression test 130psi left 140 right warm.
My next step is new plugs and try a harley single fire coil which has run my r80/7 on points ignition faithfully last year.
Any advice welcome :slight_smile:

I would try a good clean of the carbs before messing around with changing coils. It sounds like something is blocked in the pilot jet circuit. Also check the air filter in case there is a mouse been living in there and has filled it up with rubbish.
Also check the condition of the rubber seals on the cold start jet slides. They are on the side of the carbs, the cables must have a bit of free play when closed and the seals must be good.
Where abouts are youin the country? I have a Cali 3 carb version.

I’ve been right through the carbs already and the only fault was incorrect float height on one of them so I’ve ruled them out. I’m hoping it’s a fake set of plugs from ebay that’s been fitted🤞…