Cali conversion

I’m converting my '95 Cali1100i to sort of G5 style. This must have been done before by someone and I’d like any ideas about where to remount the ECU.

I have been told it will fit down the side of the battery , as i wanting to change my seat & move ecu also - so took some photies of somebody elses seat at clocks back & told it will work

Thanks Gerbil. My thoughts along the same lines. Fit a smaller Li battery to make space but at £140_ 190 it’s a bit steep. A shop lacally supplies the so I hope to be able to measure some up.

check first as a lot of bike charges do not like lithium batteries my aftermarket elextec Alternator fitted on bike — state do not use on lithium

The charger comes with the battery, as it should at that price.

An AGM battery is about half the width of the standard lead acid one so that would leave plenty of space…
The Neutronic electronic ignition on my Spada is glued inside the left hand side panel, could that be another option?

I’ve not found the ignition yet, Don. I had a look at where the dizzy should be but it’s gone? Thanks for the AGM battery info. I should go and buy an old one but this one came up cheap. I had a '78 G5 but some perverted toe rag stole it and I miss it terribly.

Someones nicked your dizzy, that’s bad form.

Any idea which AGM battery, model number etc?

i bought mine from a local battery shop as it was just around the corner. It’s a Leoch battery, seems good so far. It’s sealed so no nasty gasses venting off.
I have also heard good story’s about Tanya batteries.
If you’re anywhere near Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

I rang europarts in Wakefield and asked them. They rang me back three times to ask questions and they’ve foung me one at 180×90×162 mm @ 18ah 190cca (starter amps) for £80. That should do. These people are really helpful.