Cali Ducati regulator erosion

Giving mine a basic clean-up before re-fitting, I noticed that the rubbery resin panel on the back had begun to lift away from the alloy shell. I carved out a channel, cleaned the alloy & refilled with builders’ silicone. It may save it for a few more years…

Nice tip Phil- when they go they tend to fry a battery too making it an expensive occasion.

On the Le Mans it melted the main fuse, I replaced whole fuse box and reg all good, first thing \i noticed was charge warning light not going out then on faintly till the fuse melted, it did not blow It also damaged the fuse box terminals, damn thing could have caused a fire at worst scenario.

One thing I did with new reg rect was add a second earth on the opposite fixing bolt, they do suffer if corrosion gets it and the org earth HAD got corrosion under terminal, new one got new terminals and copper grease