Cali EV (2002) - fuel pump

Just wondering if anyone has ever had one of these fail? Was out yesterday morning and the bike just completely died on me. Seems the fuel system relay is dead but changing the relay didn’t bring the pump back on line, and giving it 12v at the pump doesn’t result in any pumping action either. The only other thing on that circuit is the ignition coils but I haven’t gone as far as sticking the HT lead on my tongue to check it Anyway, thought I’d ask. The bike only has 18k miles but I suppose everything is 12 years old now.


They certainly can fail. Was the pump making an unusual noise before it failed? Check my “strange whining noise” thread for my personal adventure.

Good luck,


Bosch pump same as merc cars abt £65 new …many on interweb cheaper ones are available circa £25-30 All you need to measure are

Pump diameter
Fuel spigot diameters so they fit the fuel lines!
Just about ALL injection fuel pumps are the same capacity as are the Carb type fuel pumps. Motorcycle part fuel pumps are a total rip off

Thanks Guzzibear. It’s crazy how motorcycle manufacturers seem to charge the earth for parts. Was it Bike magazine that priced up building a bike from the spares catalogue and it came to twice the cost of a brand new bike?!

Not just bike manufacturers, check any automotive spares OEM.