Cali EV ECU & TPS set-up.

Hi Guzzistis - had a quick search of past forums but cant find anything reference setting up the ECU/TPS on my bike: as a possible Home/DIY option or even thru an agent workshop etc? Is the home option even possible? OK, I’ll confess - I have a Power Commander fitted but the price quoted for the local PC tuning agent last year was circa £280!? Oh, & there was a “waiting list”! I let it go. But the now very annoying On-Off like a tap throttle at low/idle pick-up speeds is becoming more than just annoying, it’s almost a safety-riding issue now. I’m still of two minds whether to ditch the PC & re-plug-into the original ECU & get THAT retuned, but the initial difference in performance between the two controllers makes me reluctant to just stop using/junking it? ANY help/advice gratefully received! Thanks!

HI JOHNBOY ther used to be a down lodable program on youtube its a ducati one but works on guzzis to. you will need a lap top puter or take chuggers in side. best of luck.
pps this is for the standard ECU I don’t now about your power commander. :open_mouth:

Hi Guzzinuts, mate I’m not sure where you go from here, but I know what you should’ve done, risking being annoying -
the fuelling fix you need is served brilliantly by Guzzi specialists Finebau Forge with an in-line unit you can tweak without a laptop interface by means of setting a row of pins on the chip. That’s if you’re dissatisfied with the optimised preset.
Twiggers are their agent and they advertise in Gambalunga. I fitted one at home and I’m a complete numpty :slight_smile:

Sell the Power Commander, get one of these.


Get in touch with todd eagan and buy the diagnostic kit  plug in and tune on lap topÂ

Thanks Guys AND Buzz Lightyear! :smiley: OK - so it seems there’s a consensus about “tweaking” the ECU - BUT - how about the hardware? EG - the throttle positioning sensor &… thinking back to my BMW (ok-ok!) carb balancing trick with a length of clear plastic hose & a piece of hardboard… dont you also have to balance to Air-valves or whatever they’re called? OR - can that also be sorted via the software tweaking etc? Hope I’m not getting too confuddled here!? :wink:

Because the airbox doesn’t get in the way like a BMW, the throttles on an EV are both connected to one linkage. Whilst they can go out of tune, they tend to actually stay where they are initially put, so are much less likely to go out of tune in the first place. The other adjustments necessary can usually be carried out without altering throttle balance.

However, if you do need to do them, the balancing process is very similar to a BMW, except you will need some screw-in adapters for the hose take-off points - once you have those, your home-made manometer should work fine. You adjust balance by lengthening or shortening the linkage between the throttles, which is then fixed with a locknut.


Hi don’t know if this is what your looking for a free program that can interface with guzzi ECU. The link :

You need to buy a 2 cables ebay does them for under £10 one from USB to OBD2
and one from Guzzi to OBD2

I think you can change maps and stuff, I’ve sent off for one to do engine diagnostics with…

i ballenced mine using set,you disconnect the link bar,this is where most get it wrong,as they try to adjust but theyre still linked,you will find three screws 2xballence 1x tickover,lots of info in guzzioligy,you need to set tappets first,as this could knock it out,also i dont have any fueling gizzmos,or pixie dust on my 1100i,pulls strong smooth,and cracks the ton easy,and thats with a watsonian palma on the side,i would pull the crank sensor out,then wipe all the metal filings off it,this could well be your problem,made a massive differance to mine,must have been at least 1/4" thick in it,