Cali EV electrics

Prompted (and infuriated by) my Cali EV’s indicators which run perfectly well for a while then inexplicably stop despite the usual checks(suggestions?) I had the almost illegible wiring diagram from the accompanying manual enlarged and clarified only to find that the colours of the wiring shown cannot be relied upon to correspond to the hand book or manual. So what’s new, I hear you ask?
Which led me to ponder the possibility of some fantasy re-wiring which would involve moving the fuse block to a more easily accessed position under a dummy passenger seat ( I never carry passengers). But what’s that suitcase-sized thing currently occupying that spot? The handbook and manual are useless at explaining the hardware. I assume that later models have more compact electronics. I would be interested to know if improvements can be made and if any members have done so.
The bike was first registered in early 1998. Thanks.

What year is the bike? I have some diagrams that I have produced myself, see here

Alternatively you can get digital copies of Carl Allison’s wiring diagrams here I have found some discrepancies in Carl Allison’s diagrams where the wire colours are slightly lost in translation, but not many errors.

Let me know if you would like anything from me.

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Hi Chris
The indicators will work reliably for a period then cease. I had them checked by an expert , but after being ok for ,say, 60 miles they fail. Obviously some tiny glitch somewhere. Previously I had the supply hot wired direct from the battery via an in line fuse and they were fine during that time so will probably revert top that for the time being. The Bike is first registered in early 1998 so I suppose it was made in 1997?
And regarding the box under the seat. Is it an ECU or what? it seems massive.
Thanks for your response

If the indicators run ok when hot wired it sounds like a contact fault between the male and female spade terminals or between the fuse and the fuse box contacts. Try taking all of the connectors apart and cleaning them and possibly tighten any female connectors with long nose pliers. Do it systematically from the fuse box, fuse F4 feeds the flasher unit (black/red wire out of the fuse box but changes to black/white within the loom) Feed from the flasher unit is via an orange wire that goes to the left hand switch. From there follow the black/green wires for left indicators, and pink wires for right.

The bike does have an ECU but I am not familiar with the model so I don’t know what it looks like or where it is but it will have about 20 wires coming out of it! I have drawn a colour wiring diagram for this model, let me know if you would like a copy.

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Yes please Chris .I would appreciate a copy. And thanks for the advice, I will take a fresh look when time allows.

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