Cali EV Engine noise

Just been out for the day on the 1066 ride into Hastings. Losts of bikes, lots of traffic and very slow moving for a few miles on the A21 and into Hastings. Stop, start and also a nice hot day. After about 45 minutes of this I started to get a loud tapping noise from the Engine. Pulled oover and had a listen. i think it was from the front, although can’t be sure. I let the bike cool down for 10 mins and then carried on. I don’t think the noise returned but cannot be sure as the noise from the bikes around me could have hidden it. Parked up in Hastings and let the bike cool for a couple of hours. Just ridden back home to Eastbourne, about 45 mins without any problems.

Can anyone give me a diagosis as to what may have caused this? The bike is still under warranty so I will be taking it to the dealer this week. Thanks in advance. Chris

Air cooled engines don’t like stop / start traffic jam type scenarios and especially not PLUS hot weather. I partially seized my Spada like that. Literally got so tight it wouldn’t turn over any more. Roadworks at Dartford toll crossing, in case you were wondering. So filtering wasn’t an option.

I agree with Mike’s comments. Had exactly the same problem with a Yamaha XV750 I owned when an accident closed the blackwall tunnel and the whole of the of the Eastend ground to a halt. That said, the bike’s tolerances should be such that it can handle it (this is hot by English standards remember!) Have the dealer check the valve clearances ( the “tappets”). If they are adjusted too tight the can cause problems as everything expands with the heat. The guzzi top end should be quite noisy when cold and gradually quieten down as it warns up. That said, mine sounds like a bag of nails hot or cold!