Cali EV front left brake, SORTED

Just spent some time trying to work out why I can’t get the front left brake to drag in any fluid, the rear brake is fine, no bubbles via the bled pipe, and the fluid moves fast and easy, but the front left is just a empty hose, I have heard abot the reverse method but could not get a decent sized syringe today so will try tomorrow, but in the meantime the hose is hanging high with the bleding system open. has anyone ever had a problem with the valve into which the long metal pipe screws into behind the l/h side panel, ( I have braided hose fitted now), it is according to a 2003 Cali EV parts book item number 03668500 it dosent look like there is anything inside it which could go wrong as it is just contains a spring.likewise anyone had any problems with the ‘Distributor part number 17656850’ this is the unit the rear brake light switch screws into and the inlet and outlet brake fluid pipes run into. I have bled Guzzi brakes many a time with no problems but today!!!.it is a 1997 Cali EVanyone know where to buy a decent sized syringe not like the one the local chemist had today which was much too small.

northwest2014-07-19 19:12:42

This is what i bought for doing brakes!

I bought some from e-bay; 100 ml, pack of three, only a few pounds. Haven’t used them all - you’re welcome to one - where are you? I’m in Shropshire

I use a vac pump to suck the fluid through then do the final bleed in the conventional way.

Thanks but I am in Blackburn, I will take a look at e-bay now and pick up 2 or 3 , never know when they will come in handy, thanks anyhow Sir.

Bob, Have a look at the proportioning valve, (a.k.a. “Braking correction device” in Guzzispeak), p/n 03 66 82 00, item 21 on the diagram, located down low and linked to the swingarm with a spring. Might be a problem there causing your inability to bleed through to the front caliper.Method of adjustment as per:guzzijack2014-07-07 10:37:31


Timely GJ! Just putting the EV swingarm back in and the valve is absolutely solid. Time for a phone call to Gutsibits
All the best

You forgot to add the ‘Missus’ bit!It might be a funky bit of extra braking kit that’s prone to collecting all the road crud if you don’t have a look at it now and again, but it doesn’t half do a good job when it is working and adjusted. Unlike the regular Guzzi ‘splitter’ that valve does proportion braking force fore and aft depending on bike angle and hence load - makes the EV fairly squat down and put it all on the tarmac through both wheels when you hit the lever in anger.

Thanks all.I have removed the’ Braking correction device’ which was easy as I do clean up and regrease the bolts etc about once a year, but the valve which I take to be the small pin with a small spring wrapped around it is not moving at allso the pin area is right now soaking in PlusGas, and will be for maybe a week as I have other jobs to do and also want to have a long weekend away, but have today ordered some new brake hose which should help sort out the linked braking system for a long time, no point in doing half a job…

Hmm, siezed in position for maximum braking or minimum? (!!!)

Cheap at your local vets ! Maybe even free ( used )

Spent a few hours on the brakes today and have it sorted, after a bit of rechecks etc I decided to take the front left calipier off the bike and replace it with a old spare T3 unit, within seconds the clear brake fluid hose to the T3 calipier was full of fast moving fluid and many many air bubbles, carried on bleding untill all the bubbles had disapeared and then swapped the calipier 's back around. and the Cali EV calipier is now working as it should.I have done many a brake bled on many a Guzzi over the years but have never had a problem like this, there just was no fluid getting into the EV’s calipier whatsoever, but as the fluid found its way straight away with the T3 calipier fitted the problem could have been a blockage within the EV calipier. live and learn dont we.Thanks for your answers.

northwest2014-07-19 18:59:34


Aren’t I glad I got the ‘simple’ version. Does help having the calipers with the double bleed nipples too.

Ah…Double bleed nipples, that brings back memories. It’s years since I’ve had fun with those