Cali EV fuel problem

Hi. I’ve got a '98 Cali EV with a particular idiosyncracy - so thought I would ask if others have had a similar experience. It seems to pump a lot of fuel when cold - it can’t take any choke not even in winter. And it needs to be well warmed before driving off. Following the no choke - warming up routine - it runs fine. But on two occasions when I didn’t warm it up properly it would stall and then totally fail to start - plugs would be black (possibly because I tried to start it too many times…) and need cleaning/replacing and then it starts again. Â My local shop (not Guzzi but good) have tested the ECU and say it has ‘no fault,’ Â and the bike generally runs fine if treated carefully. Â Could this be an ECU mapping issue which I can deal with via GuzziDiag?

Check your crank pickup ,on right hand side bellow injector on crankcase bell housing,might just be covered in swarf

Thanks! Â This does seem to have helped.

Jogged something in my memory…engine oil temperature sensor…possibly blue…in the back of offside barrel if memory serves…if it runs open circuit that mite be yer problem…incidentally you can get these for about a sixth of the dealer price from a good automotive shop…

Thanks, good advice.Â