Cali EV Fuel tank leak

I’ve tracked down a leak which appears to come from a bolt on the underside rear of the tank on my 2003 EV. This is appears to be fully tightened but has a washer which spins. can anyone advise how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.

empty tank use either petseal on the threads OR PTFE may work. depending what said bolt is supposed to be there for?

Remove bolt, use thicker washer, replace bolt.

Oi that is FAR too easy for a Guzzi …jeez you will ruin the mystique of the things if you make things THAT easy. there HAS to be some **** …@@@@@ and involved …

Crikey have you SEEN the “Steering Damper thread” ?

First advice YES T3 Cali and other bikes with handlebar fairings etc do have them fitted, THEN came ALLLLL the “advice” which ends with…

“if it wobbles fit one if not don’t (see A above)”

There is BOUND to be someone who took out the bolt and welded the tank…

OR plugged it with putty and it worked OR used araldite and it stayed OK for years

OR checked it with a lighter and blew the tank up so be careful

OR maybe a hot air gun but we will forget that one

Oh yeah and those who have NO bolt there at all

guzzibear2013-06-26 11:52:53

I’ve tried the PTFE fix which so far seems to have worked…fingers crossed. Thanks guys.

Wassap Mike

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