Cali EV H pipe

Hearing exhaust noise from underneath my Cali EV Hydro, I found a crack on the LH side of the H pipe, the H pipe being just in front of the silencers. Looking at the parts lists and a recent post on this site, I guess that the H pipe was a replacement by the previous owner for a bigger box. Can anyone recommend a supplier for a replacement H pipe? And, if the H pipe is different in some way, will I have to adjust any settings? Any advice gratefully received.

Not so good with FI bikes BUT I think they have as standard a huge colostomy box, swapping for the more simple H pipe should actually make it a bit happier.

2nd hand these are available from
(In no order of merit)

Ex Smoking biker (Ray)

New from


New in stainless from

On the V11 Le Mans engine it did not need anything altered the ECU figured it out after 50 odd miles, it was a bit coughy and stuttery for the first 10-20 miles but settled down and after 50 mls some at M way speeds and others through traffic it all settled down. Others will know more about the ECU on the Cali BUT I would not expect it to be more advanced than the 2002 V11 to be fair and the engine is similar.
guzzibear2013-06-02 18:56:46

got a H piece you can try (well got a few) if intrested

nothing special and might be a bit mucky etc

Thanks GB for those leads, and the advice on helping the bike adjust.
Thanks Ray for the offer - much appreciated, and mucky would be fine, providing it’s sound and it fits! Depending on GB’s leads, I may try to get over to you in the week; I’ll let you know.

I forget Ray has loads of guzzi spares worth it , they are all the same so should fit ok , may take some jiggling with the whole zorst as you often have to loose off the headers , which means you will need new gaskets i always keep 2-3 spare sets of zorst gaskets for JUST such an occasion.

Can you not get the old one welded? If it is an after market item, it is likely to be stainless.

Thanks for all the advice and help. Mark at Twiggers has offered to try and weld it; if that doesn’t work, I’ll look at getting a replacement.

Do welders like exhaust parts, spitty spitty.

Update: Ray’s H-pipes don’t have the space for the sensor; however, Mark has managed to weld the existing pipe - I didn’t ask how spitty it was to do, but it’s a good fix for now. Interestingly, although Mark has still managed to keep the down tube away from the frame, I noticed some old familiar buzzy vibration on the ride home - it seems the split in the pipe had reduced that. Resonant frequencies are strange things on a Guzzi!