Cali EV (injected type) misfire

Greetings all, can anyone advise as to the cause of an injected Cali EV misfire, Started on Devon camp run, LHS smoking on run (white smoke) petrol not burning! Bit of a pig to start next day but managed to get her home ok, have had carbs balanced and plugs changed by local mechanic but still running a little rough!

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  • of course yours has the benefit of being on one side only so easier to diagnose… try swapping the coils over?McFuzzi2013-07-15 21:55:31

Just did a Google, unburnt fuel is black smoke, oil smoke is blue / grey, but white is water / coolant (e.g. cracked head / leaking head gasket, except you’re not water-cooled so N/A) Water in the fuel system?

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Just did a Google, unburnt fuel is black smoke, oil smoke is blue / grey, but white is water / coolant  (e.g. cracked head / leaking head gasket, except you’re not water-cooled so N/A) Water in the fuel system? [/QUOTE]
Water in the petrol in this weather? Must be from the Esso petrol pump!!!

Work this one out - we have Petrol, Spark and Injectors working, she will turn over but not start. Cali EV now heading for Motocorsa but that will not be for another week, booked in for the 1st! I Will now be without a bike for the Calne bike show and camping weekend :frowning:

How do you tell someone that you like that they have sold you a lemon?! i advise all to have Relay on your insurance, because if you don’t it will cost you a little fortune :frowning: my pockets are now empty!

Off the top of my head, crankshaft position sensor, AFAIK if the computer doesn’t get a signal from this then it doesn’t even know that the engine is turning at all, so will just sit there and do sweet FA. Your earlier misfires could have been early warning of CPS failure, giving missing CPS pulses. Since the CPS pulses also trigger the ignition I think. Just guessing though. I know CPS failure can kill an FI car stone dead, for example.

Mike H2013-07-22 17:14:26

Can that be fixed with a 7/16 1/2 spanner and a tool fine adjust?

No but it can be fixed with a M6 Allen key.

You’re sure it’s an M6?

How do i find out what to do and how to do it?

The CPS sits in front of the LH cylinder near the oil pressure switch and is retained by two Allen screws. The cable running from it has a connector under the tank. Simply disconnect, unscrew and remove the old one and replace. Do not forget to use the spacing shims and a little silicone sealer is a good idea. Look in the OEM section for cheaper alternatives to a Guzzi part. Hope this helps.

It may just be the connector has a bad contact, try unplugging and replugging a few times. Worth a try, stranger things have happened. Still fits with earlier misfire symptom as well.

Problem solved! it turned out to be the petrol pump middle hose working loose that was causing the issues. AA chap didn’t have a clue when i broke down at Sammy Millers last weekend so i had to work it out myself before this weeks Calne Bike show.

Way-hay! Blasted fuel pump again.