Cali EV interesting fault (electrical)

97 Cali EVAll lights and electrics working except;Back lights X2 (brake lights OK)Parking/pilot headlight (main beam, high beam and flash OK),Speedo & rev counter lights.All bulbs working and earths connected. Fuse was OK and indicators work (on the same fuse). To cut a long (several hours of checking against a wiring diagram) story short it was the yellow feed wire to the handlebar switch was disconnected. 5 mins with a soldering iron and it’s good as new. Hope this saves a bit of headscratching for someone in the future,All the bestSteve

nice fix :slight_smile: had similar probs with the back of the ignition barrel on the t5

Steve,Have you done the modification for the rear bulb holders?Even if you have I’ll repeat it for anyone who has the twin ‘Buck Rogers’ rear light assembly.The bulb holders are part of the plastic moulded reflector assembly. As such they distort due to heat - exacerbated by brake lights sticking on - causing the bulbs to loosen up or the locating pins to pop out, resulting in no rear lights.The fix is to get a couple of generic stop/tail metal bulb holders from Vehicle Wiring Products, ream/drill out the existing holders and araldite the replacements in place. Make up some extended connectors for the wiring and you’re done.

Thanks for sharing the info Steve!

Cheers GJ, Hadn’t come across this one & it’s now on my list of jobs to do.All the bestSteve

I was going to say suggested to me light switch supply but you sorted it.