Cali EV noisy tappett??

My 2003 EV (hydraulic tappetts) has developed a loud and pronounced ticking noise on the near side cylinder head. This starts from cold and idle and is audible at speed. I’m worried about riding it and the Hydro tappets appear to be complex and not for the layman (like me)to tinker with. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.

Providing you have been using the correct grade of oil there shouldn’t be a problem. Are you sure the noise is ‘new’? Sometimes I’ve thought I’m hearing a new noise, when in fact I’ve just become aware of or sensitive to an existing noise. My hydro was rock solid, but the tappets were always somewhat noisy, especially below 4,000rpm.

By the way, as you probably know, the correct oil for a hydro is 5W40. Here’s a helpful article:

This is how the problems with these models used to first manifest themselves.
Take the left side rocker cover off and look at the tappets. If there is any sign of significant wear or deformation it means you have the dreaded valve train problems and need the official recall work to be done. If in doubt take it to a reputable dealer for checking.
The good news is that once the recall work has been properly done you will be fine as long as you use the right oil.
The bad news is that there are rumours out there that some unscrupulous dealers took the money (such as it was) for the recall work, but didn’t actually do it. In that case Guzzi think it has been done and won’t pay again. I do think this must be very rare, though - and said dealers are probably no longer on the official list.
You can call Piaggio customer services and give them the bike’s full VIN (on the right side of the steering head) and they will tell you if they think the bike has had the work done.