Cali ev swing arm bearing

Help please having real problems getting the uj shaft far enough into the bearing at the front of the swing arm. Don’t want to hit it to much, but can’t get it short enough to let the s/a forward to let the locating pins into the s/a bearings. Any ideas

I’m not sure if the EV is the same as my 95, but is there too much grease on the splines at the bevel box end effectively causing it too “hydraulic” and essentially making it too long?

If on, take the bevel box off, if nothing else it’ll make the whole thing lighter and so easier to curse the SA into place

If you take the Bevel Box off be careful which way you put it on down. Otherwise over night the garage floor acquires an new and interesting stain - ask me how I’m know tris2014-09-07 16:15:35

+1 for taking off the bevel box.
Also makes getting the wheel back in an easier job.
The splines need only a light greasing.
All the best

Swing arm is out the bike, it’s the uj from gearbox to drive shaft that’s the prob. Think it will need a press into the bearing at the front of swing arm it was a pig to knock out before powder coat

The UJ is machined to fit one way round in the bearing. Does it for better if you turn it?
Will then need sealing in with bearing lock.
All the best

Think it still needs pressed , one end shinny other end discoloured , shinny end must have been in the bearing. Can’t get any force on it square on but local firm fixes farmers quads so he will be able to do it they run these bearings all the time because of the muck. Have it in the freezer hope it helps the local firm.

Got the shaft in the bearing What a pig

Better that than loose. If they are loose, they spin in the bearing and knacker the end of the UJ

New ones I’ve had to knock in with a hammer and using a tommy bar as a drift, just keep whacking one side of the ‘U’ then the other until it bottoms out. This is also with a new bearing of course.

Mike h got it right , still needed more than a tap

I then used a metal ruler as a drift to get the assy into the swinging arm.Others may disagree but I was advised not to bother with the enormous circlip, the assy aint going nowhere. Well it was done in '89 and still hasn’t.

That’s a good point ack-shirley. Even if you take the swingarm out the bearing tends not to want to fall out if you tip it up.