Cali foot brake conversion

Having recently bought a Cali EV,im not very comfortable with the footbrake pedel,i know there is a conversion that you can do from America,has anyone got any information on this conversion,ie is it any better than standard and a web address for it.

   Thanks in advance for any info


Google for “moto guzzi advanced brake pedal”. They are no longer available New, so second hand or study the pictures and get one made. Try posting in “parts wanted”

Alternatively, with time you will get used to the standard setup.

Have you got the button at about the pedal pivot point to put your heel on?

Mine has but I know of one exactly the same age that hasn’t and I think it would be really weird to use without it

The gentleman who made them in the USA passed away a few years ago.

We’re all different, but given time you may grow to prefer the Cali spigot system. Although it felt odd at first, I eventually got so used to it that I struggled to get my foot to the more normal pedal on a Harley when I rode one recently.

I tried to cope with it too but I hated it with a passion. My Cali is the fully faired FF and the Advanced conversion wouldn’t fit so in the end I converted it to heel operation with my own pedal and linkage.

That took a lot less getting used to than the original Guzzi set up.

Not seen that done before. I’m not sure I’d trust my heel as much as my toe for sensitivity when braking. But I like creativity and that’s a really creative mod and beautifully executed.

It really becomes second nature very quickly.

I should have mentioned that I decoupled the brakes too so the pedal only operates the rear brake.

And thanks for all the interest,i have put an add in the wanted bits,and in the meantime will try and get used the present system.

      Cheers Tony