Cali full screen mounting rubbers

Hi folks, does anyone know where I can lay hands on some of the mounting rubbers for the full size touring screen on a '99 EV? To make things clearer, these are inserted into the chrome mounting tubes or support frames for the screen. They hold captive threaded inserts which in turn take the mounting bolts.

Mine have finally given up the ghost following several changes of screen and like me are falling apart. I hope someone out there knows what I’m rambling on about.


Not sure about the EV one but the older screen has small rubber washers then a chrome dimple washer to hopd the screen, Got some tap washers that do the same job. Otherwise call the mail order guys any of these will mail them to you

Thanks Guzzibear, I use Motomecca a fair bit and looked on their site last night and all I could see was an anti-vib rubber or a mounting grommit, both of which seem likely to be able to be substituted for a tap washer, like you suggest. These however need to be able to retain a metal threaded insert and then get stuffed into the end of a tube

I got these from motomecca some time ago, not easy to fit though.


Is it well nuts you are after? Rubber things, shaped like a top hat, with a female threaded insert bonded inside?
1150GS2014-04-29 10:43:51

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