Cali II Speedo

Can anyone help me - I have a KM speedo on an 1982 California II and would like to replace with MPH face can anyone help with: Speedo OverlayBroken Speedo - for dial faceSpeedo - reasonable priceOr any suggestions on how to resolve thisAlso anyone have an instrument housing for the Cali II While I think on are there any idiot proof instructions for replacing instrument bulbs, I can’t see how you get into the housing email is: Many thanks - Charlesi
Charlesi2013-02-27 22:38:41

simply replacing the face or the speedo with MPH wont work - you will need to get the fitment for connecting cable to speedo that gears it up / down to recalibrate the KM to MPH

or alternatively stick bright markers onto glass at appropriate speed to show mph - thats what i did

It is either a new speedo(2nd hand one) from the usual spares places OR look for the speedo overlays online OR mark it yourself OR as I did fit a Sigma type pushbike speedo easy to fit and very very accurate.

Instrument bulb holder is like a metal plug that pulls out? Might need big pliers though

Must admit I hadn’t realized I was thinking the speedo would simply be marked appropriately for MPH…I mean if you’re travelling at 30mph then that should be where the 48.28 mark would be on the KPH; why on earth do they have to complicate things???

I see your point though, so I did a quick image Google… If you put the second one onto the first one looks like it’ll sort of work but over-read somewhat (180 km/h = 112 mp/h) However compare the gap between the ends of the scales at the bottom, looks like the km/h one is wider (this is the 3rd image I found like this), in which case the 180 position is not in the same place as the 120 position, so needle would have to go around a bit further to get to it. Which will be >112 mph so might still work out.

where on earth did you find those…I’ve trawled for ages through Google and couldn’t find pictures like that, well done, maybe being a bit specific searching for Cali II speedo! I think I’m going to have to go with the overlay/sticker type which is a shame simply because I would’ve liked everything to be orginal…having said that I do have Dynatek :slight_smile:

The V1000 speedo in the lower pic s are WILDLY inaccurate I have had 4 on mine before I got one that registeres within 10% and it IS 10% slow at 70 …ind 70 true speed 62…ind 80 is just 77 …yet at 20-40 it is just about accurate.

I have a Sigma bike speedo that I calibrated as per the info on "Greg Benders “This old tractor” website then checked it against sat nav on “console” setting. took it on a long straight back road and held it at 30 -40-50-60 …saves the worry on our camera infested roads.

Heck I even use the sat nav speedo in my Merc Sprinter the OEM ones are useless due to some OIK of a designer deciding to make the speedo and tacho match therfore the speedo is marked 20-40-60-80 almost no use at the 30 and 40 limits as you just can’t see accurate speed at a glance…STUPID

Well it’s a clock spring wound up by a magnet, so doesn’t promise a lot, I guess they can ‘get tired’ with age, my original km one eventually wouldn’t go past ‘55’ If you’re super fussy about the accuracy you could take it apart and adjust the needle on its shaft, dead easy to do (provided you marked the rotor beforehand at some reference position!) the main faff of course is getting it out of its shell and back together again.

“moto guzzi speedometer”

Well I decided to make my own template, based on the KPH coverted. I’ve now sent this off to a printers, as a jpeg, and am awaiting their sample which I’ll test using my SatNav…If it works I’ll put up the printers site as these are very cheap and with the template he could make KPH if anyones going abroad If anyone would like a KPH template then let me know and I’ll send it on, after I’ve checked the finished product is right

Sorry…thanks for all the responses, it’s a nice feeling knowing there’s people out there who’ll help