Cali III 97 , no spark ,any ideas

Having problems with my cali III

Not spark on either side

Battery is good
Fuses good
Bike turns over , fuel pump is working
Tried removing plug caps , still no spark

Any help greatly appreciated Â

First (easiest) job, remove sensor from flywheel housing, check and clean, usual culprit in these cases.

Hi Duffo

Thank you for advice

removed sensor , was a little oily, gave it a clean but still no spark

What would you suggest next ?


There are 2 sensors,one on the right side bellow the injector on crankcase another on left on top of engine both have to work

Problem fixed, it was  the flywheel sensor ,

I’d removed the sensor on the drive shaft side first, I didn’t realise the was another at the front of the engine , this was the culprit

Just a small strand of metal buggered up my ride out to the coast today.

Thank you all for your helpÂ


glad it was a cheap fix

Now where did that strand of metal come from?