Cali III- No spark

After a long period off the road, finally trying to get my Cali III running again. Having sorted out the warning lights and some poor electrical connections I still can’t the bike to start. Problem is lack of spark. have checked there is voltage going to the coils but no spark at the plug. Has anyone got a wiring diagram for a Cali III (carbs not injection) with electronic ignition. The diagram I have is for a points model. Suspect there may be a crank sensor somewhere that has possibly failed.
Suggestions please.

What sort of electronic ignition does it have? Mine is an 88 Cali and that has a Dyna 3 system on it. I suspect yours may well have been upgraded from points

Hi Don
It has the digplex system which was factory fitted. I suspect the crank sensor has died.

Sorry, can’t help with that one, it’s a bit newer than mine. I’m sure somebody else on here will be more familiar with the Digiplex.
Have a look around on the Guzzitek website for manuals etc.
Here’s a wiring diagram…