Cali Jackal fuel pump advice

I took my Jackal off the road 4 years ago for a quick(?!) cosmetic restoration and am finally putting everything back together. My strip-down included removing / draining the fuel pump and I would like to know what (if anything) I should do to the pump (e.g. priming/cleaning/lubing) before re-starting the bike. Don’t know how the pump works, but I can’t imagine running it dry until petrol arrives from the tank will do it any good. Any other tips relating to re-commissioning stuff that hasn’t worked for a while would also be welcome.

I have fitted new petrol pumps to two Cali EV’s, both fitted ‘dry’ with no pre-priming or anything, no problems with either.if you are still not sure remember that you have to switch on the ignition switch first which will then prime the pump, so just give it a few seconds before you press the start button.

Thanks for that northwest.