cali jackal not starting

For the past five days my 2000 cali will not start easily. Lots of huffing, puffing and backfiring before she starts on the 4th or 5th go. When running she goes great and ticks over nicely but at 70+ she loses power. Ive tried everything I can think of. All suggestions welcome.

Could be a number of different things.Is it a carb bike or injection?Any difference one side to the other? Does one downpipe warm up quicker than the other?How many miles has the bike done?

Even a dicky side stand switch.

Or, as I had one year after trailering the bike in a hot summer, greenfly in the handlebar stop switch.

You’d think a switch would either be working or not.

As I’ve found recently this isn’t always the case with other elctrical thingies - like passenger lifts

21k miles injection no difference either side

Bad fuel?
Dirty injector,fuel system? Pull off the inlet rubbers from the airbox side, they just push back into the airbox and go mad with cleaning.
Bit left field but run a second earth to your ecu direct from battery to casing.
Clean all the contacts you can find then protect (once rejoined) with a squirt of ACF50.
That’s my input.mo_biker2014-07-26 11:01:28

JimIf it is low mileage you wouldn’t expect anything to be particularly worn out and giving you problems. Not too sure about the injection models myself, but fueling is quite a possibility if it affecting both sides, hopefully someone with better knowledge of pumps and filters will chip in. Can you hear the pump running and see fuel moving in the tank when you first turn on the ignition?I would do a good check around the bike for dodgy electrical connections (low voltage supply to the ignition can give problems) side stand switch is a good one to check, although they usually kill the bike altogether) ignition switch contacts, connections to the black box etc. Fit a new set of plugs is always a good one to try, (start with the easy ones first), Is the charging working OK and the battery good to give you plenty of volts going around the system?Have you done anything to the bike recently that could have caused this?Have a look at the air filter (assuming it still has one) and make sure it s getting a good supply of fresh air.

What is your battery condition? Turning over the engine takes a big whack out of the battery at the same time that the ECU needs a decent amount of electrical power through it to facilitate the operation of itself and the other EFI ancilliaries. A marginally charged battery can upset the balance.

I changed the oil and filter. Front fork seals.
I’ve just taken the crank sensor and cleaned it. She now starts easily. We will see how she goes. Happier now. Thanks

New battery. 4 weeks old and fully charged

If you find you need a new crank sensor, Marrelli no longer make the
SEN 8T, a direct replacement is available from a French firm called
Cambiare. The part number is VE363154 crankshaft sensor.(This information was lifted from another Guzzi site)

I had a similar problem with my Ducati. On the Ducati the ECU chips are mounted underneath and clamped up into place. after several thousand miles they had dropped ever so slightly and a little bit of mist had entered. some days no probs other days a nightmare. eventually wouldn’t start. That’s when another duc owner explained this to me. basically take out the chips check they / it is clean and put back securely. If you are not sure get a Mechanic to check them for you. Did this to the duc and it has run and started 100% since plus better mpg.

                    Hope this helps Les

Keep us posted… I got a new crank sensor a year ago from for £36 inc postage: Alfa Romeo 145 146 Fiat Lancia Crankshaft Sensor - but I’m not sure those are the right symptoms for a replacement, more likely if that has sorted it that it was just the famous swarf problem. Smile!

I’ll let you know how she goes. Heading to the SW tomorrow for a week or so. Here’s hoping. :