Cali/Jackal owners - help!

Re-assembling my Jackal after a lengthy cosmetic restoration. On re-fitting the rear wheel, the gap between the hub and the drive housing looks too big to me at 3mm - plenty of room for water and crud to get in. The gap is even all round and as far as I’m aware I’ve put everything back right (only removed for a clean so nothing removed from wheel/hub). Any comments / suggestions gratefully received.


Thanks, Mike

Hi, your pic looked familiar, I’ve got a 96 Cali and my mental image corresponded quite well. Upon actual inspection though your air gap is double mine which also includes a gasket.
Sorry, no help with a remedy from this source, but damn those are clean spokes :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil - what’s the gasket you mention?

It’s a paper type can be seen under no compression weaving between the two faces.