Cali Oil Level

I have just returned to Cali ownership after a break of 8 years and have bought a 2010 Cali Classic. With my previous Californias the oil level was checked with the bike on the centrestand and with the dipstick having first been screwed home. In the owners handbook for the new bike it says, ‘that for oil level checking, the dipstick should be put in the oil opening without screwing in.’ It doesnt say whether the bike should be on side or centrestand.I also have a 1200s and a Bellagio, the oil level on these models is checked with the bike on the sidestand and without screwing the dipstick home.Am I right in thinking that if the bike is on the centrestand screw the dipstick in and if it’s on the sidestand then don’t?I hope that isn’t too long winded and thanks for any advice.

Hi there,I think the answer was listed a couple of days ago in a tech bulleting from Guzzi.For me I ere on the side of caution and go for screwed in on anything where in doubt.The absolute cert is to change oil and filetr using the recomended amounts and then check the level after it has run for a few minutes (to refresh the new filter) and stood for a few minutes (to allow for drainage back to the sump.Equally long winded I’m afraidAll the best,Steve

I agree , on ALL: Guzzis it is far better to do a full oil change and MEASURE the oil in , start it let it just run a few secs , walk away, have a cup of, Tea/Coffee/Beer what ever then go back and measure the oil level however way you like and if needed mark the dipstick so YOU know where it should be… I have found that Guzzi dip sticks are for “advice” only…

“Guzzi dip sticks are for “advice” only” yNow on my garage wall,Steve

Well I have not had THAT many Guzzis to check BUT everyone I have the actual oil level as marked and the real level by measurement has been different in fact filling the V1000 to the dipstick full mark and I get oil blowing out of the breathers, Filling it with a measured amount is a fair bit lower on the dip stick IN FACT the first time I did it I actually drained the new oil and re measured it.