Cali Side-stand deflection

It’s always been mildly alarming that the side stand on my Jackal “gives” a bit once the weight of the bike is on it, but I’ve got used to it -perhaps too used to it?.. I just put it up on the centre stand and measured the deflection between the stand out and then when I put some weight on it: about 8cm! Is this normal or is it about to fall apart and drop my baby?

Is there wear in the pivot or is it actual flexing of the metal stand? Can you move the side stand up and down when the bike is on the centre stand?

It’s normal, you have a “locking” side stand.

Ah, they all do that - right up to the point where the locking plate breaks and the whole lot gives way!

Thanks Lawrie, and now… is the locking plate the washer with the tang/tab, that someone said you can just reverse when it gets worn? That looks sturdy enough so far. Think I’ll just squeeze some grease in and expect it to last another decade if so.

That’s what I did
Not sure about reversing the tab but would be easy to build up with weld.

The long locking sidestand was originally developed for the Convert, and the big deflection is needed to operate the cable for the mechanical rear brake. This, along with the ‘locking’ part of the stand was designed to stop the bike rolling when parked on a slope because it’s not possible to leave a Convert in gear.

The tab is reversible but the abutment on the mounting bracket also wears eventually so that needs replacing too.

Did exactly that plus a bit of welding and desssing on the bracket

Re reversing the tab.
It’s not equi positioned relative to the rectangular hole in it. So if you turn it over the stand doesn’t position in the same placetris2014-02-17 12:14:00

Just looked at Jackal pix, and yes looks like the bog standard Cali sidestand. As said, it’s supposed to do that, so bike can’t roll off it. I’ve always thought the pivot gubbins quite sturdy, but wear is poosible I suppose. HTH

Yes sounds about right to me  3.5 - 4 inches? Summink like that  

Mike H2014-02-17 18:39:37

Great news. I’ll find something else to worry about now, and get back to you later :slight_smile:

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Mike H2014-02-17 22:34:14

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