Cali stone tyres

Hi y’all
Any tyre recommends for the Cali stone? Currently shod with Bridgestone but I really don’t like them and don’t feel very confident on them especially in the wet. Was thinking I might try Metzeler roadtec 01’s out on it which I liked on a popular German made bike I previously owned. All suggestions/experiences gratefully received.

Bridgestone BT45’s? If so, most people reckon to run them at higher pressure than the book says. On my Spada I run 2.2 Bar front, 2.5 Bar rear instead of 2.0/2.2 which seems to work well.

Just put a BT45 on the rear of my Cali 3, seems quite good so far.

On my stone I put bt 45s and was impressed and felt confident. I also have them on my loops with the same result. But that’s just me😀

Thanks lads
They are BT45’s I’ll try a higher pressure and see how they feel, running 2.3 bar at the mo.

The bridgestone tyre chart suggests 2,7 bar for the front and 2.8 bar for the rear on a cali
with BT45s size 110 front and 140 rear