Cali T3 panniers - anyone know what these are?

I’ve seen a couple of examples of the panniers shown in this picture (link below - a recent sale by Teo Lamers, of a customer bike), but can’t seem to pin down what type they are. are clearly different from the 850T3 panniers currently available. Just wondering if anyone can help me in identifying them? Better yet, i.d. and a source! Thanks, in advance, for any knowledge on this.

Those are rather smart! I’ve not seen ones with sloping ends. Mine are similar but straight.

I asked the question elsewhere, and have since been advised that these are T5 police panniers. Confirmed by a quick look at parts lists for same. If anyone knows of a source, please do tell. Thanks!

Practice your Italian here Barry: panniers or here: more panniers

Ha! Thanks. I’m scanning ebay.IT as we speak… but I may just have sourced some nearer to home. They’ll need new locks, tho’, so I may just be looking for a litle help with my Italian yet!


Or Here

Thanks, Tris. Appreciated. Those aren’t the same panniers at all, far as I can see. The ones I was asking about - and of which I have now sourced a pair - have a different profile to them, and ‘angle down’ to the rear of the bike. The ones in the ebay auction are, I think, are an example of the ones known as ‘thermos’ panniers (?), as opposed to the ‘fag-packet’ panniers- and are newly available. Could be wrong!

I thought one Police Pannier would be the same as any other

Glad you’re sorted

teolamers sell them also

Thanks, Keith. Teo Lamers were, indeed, helpful in this respect. For anyone else interested, a search on ebay.IT for “Guzzi Borse Polizia T5” (or variations on that theme) will also start yielding results. Thanks all for your contributions and assistance.
Barry Conway2014-09-07 08:52:37

If searching Italy, check out and, other classified ad sites. The first is linked to ebay but has different ads.

Don-Spada2014-09-07 23:47:51